The Live Connections Platform.

We make connecting with people convenient, efficient and fun.

Networking and Connection in person is so 1990s

We all lead such business multi-tasked lives these days. Who has time to traipse across town to meet a complete stranger. We need a more efficient way to meet lots of people in a personal way

Profiles are deceiving

Whether it’s a dating site profile or a LinkedIn profile, a profile tells us very little about the person on the other side of that. We human need to “sense” people, to be able to use our senses to give us the feedback that a profile can never provide

It’s all about numbers

Whether you’re looking for business success or a romantic relationship, it’s all about the numbers. If you can just find that one in a hundred; the problem is that it takes a hundred dates or a hundred business meetings to get there. But who has that time (or money) to burn.

Introducing Live Connections

We offer a revolutionary way to scale connections.

Some of the Benefits

There are many benefits to our live connections platform. Here are just a few of them.


Way more meaningful connections. And at light speed.


Not only is it super convenient for you, it’s also equally convenient for others, which means that you’ll connect with people that you never would have otherwise.


Spend your time connecting with people that share your interests, values, or can be mutually beneficial to your business interests.

The next best thing to being there

It’s almost like being there in person but way more convenient, efficient and private.


It’s actually a rush to meet so many people in succession. Even the more introverted will find this to be enjoyable.


Unprecedented privacy. Connect further or share info with only the ones that you chose.