How it works – Speed Dating

Our speed dating events are convenient, fun, efficient and effective. They are many times more powerful than in-person speed dating.

Start with a community of your peers and then quickly and efficiently find those that you resonate with.. Signing up and enrolling in an event couldn’t be easier. Fill out a few fields and purchase your ticket. You’ll receive your instructions, then test out your video connection and you’re all set.

Then on the night of the event you go to the event page and click on your link to begin. You can participate using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

When the event begins, you’ll move through a series of video conference calls with your dates. The experience is just like Skype, except there are no accounts to sign in to, software to download, usernames to give out. You’ll simply video chat with one person after the next until the event is over.

The length of each chat session depends on the number of people that show up. We want to maximize the number of dates that each person has.

You’ll want to have a pen and paper handy to jot down the session number of the dates that interest you. For reference you might jot down their first name and any notes remind you about the date. Our participants don’t give out their last names or contact information, so the whole experience is completely anonymous.

When the event is over you’ll return to your event page where you’ll fill in a form indicating which dates you are interested in connecting with.

Shortly after the event ends, the results will be processed and you’ll receive a report listing all of the dates that you match with that includes their first name and email.

If you’d like to continue video chatting with them over the next 30 days, you will have your own private chatroom. This can be used as a way to get to know them further before giving out more contact info or going on a date in person.